In-house sensory capabilities allow critical business decisions to be made with ease.

Our in-house sensory department employs multiple testing methods.

Quality & Consistency

Using trained panelists to score samples compared to known targets, Baldwin Richardson Foods (BRF) tests appearance, texture and flavor attributes to confirm sensory consistency from concept development to commercialization and across production batches. 

Formulation Modification

Discrimination tests (e.g., triangle, duo-trio) provide rapid feedback to make critical business decisions when adjusting a formulation, replacing an ingredient or changing suppliers to determine if a perceivable difference exists between two products.

Consumer Preference & Acceptance

BRF’s consumer panelists are used for both affective and hedonic testing to assess consumer preferences, liking and acceptance of new and existing sensory attributes. The results provide vital directional input for further innovation and continuous improvement opportunities. 

Shelf Life

To validate primary and secondary shelf life, we regularly monitor product stability using analytical, microbiological and sensory metrics.