Continuous Improvement

Our customers don't need to ask us to make improvements.

At Baldwin Richardson Foods (BRF), continuous improvement helps us maintain our competitive edge and achieve excellence in all we do: customer service, procurement, product development and innovation. 

Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

BRF invests heavily in LSS training via Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), our certification partner. In fact, many of our employees are certified in LSS as either Green Belt or Black Belt. Our investment in LSS gives our employees the advanced tools they need to deliver sustainable value through both step and iterative improvements. 


Redzone is a continuous improvement system for quality assurance management that engages employees to develop and embrace performance improvements. By merging kaizen practices and real-time manufacturing data intelligence with “in the moment” action and alert capabilities, Redzone helps BRF solicit and implement ideas from our workforce, increase engagement across all operations, reduce waste and downtime, and systemize new practices. In July 2014, BRF completed our Going Digital Initiative with Redzone that enabled real-time reporting, eliminated paper and enhanced manufacturing efficiency.

Redzone’s continuous improvement software can be accessed by any member of the project team, including customers. This vastly increases the potential for collaboration, as ideas for improvement and best practices can be proposed by anyone. 

BRF believes a product or process can always be improved. That’s why we regularly reinvest in our people, processes and equipment. Check out our VIDEO on how implementing Redzone technology has improved our business.