Baldwin Richardson Foods Co.

We make a wide variety of fillings, but what truly sets us apart is our advanced low-water activity (aw) capabilities. We continually push the boundary of what’s possible to create shelf-stable breakfast and snack applications that satisfy the need for convenience and on-the-go consumption.

BRF can make fillings without artificial colors, flavors or preservative that deliver fresh, real flavors, even for freeze-thaw and shelf-stable applications. Fillings can be made with real fruit or vegetables—perfect for bars, cereals and other snacks in a wide array of healthy categories. Our savory fillings include caramels, cheeses, fudges and white crèmes that turn your health snack into an indulgent treat. Yum.

All of our fillings are custom formulated, crafted uniquely for each customer’s brands.


  • Low- and intermediate-water activity (aW) to ensure product safety and stability
  • Real fruits and vegetables for nutrients, simple ingredients and marketing claims
  • Dairy-based ingredients (cream-based, cheese sauce) for savory applications
  • Kettle-cooked caramels for authentic ingredients made the traditional way
  • Premium chocolate products and flavors for indulgent flavor profiles your consumers know and love
  • Bake-, shelf- and freeze-thaw stable for a wide variety of product applications
  • Organic certification (via Quality Assurance International) to satisfy consumer trends
  • Clean Label and Non-GMO (Non-GMO Project Certification) for formulations aligned with consumer demand


  • Cereal, nutrition, granola, snack and breakfast bars
  • Filled/layered cookies and crackers
  • Filled frozen pastries and appetizers
  • Swirls for batters and dough
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