Baldwin Richardson Foods Co.

There it is. A scrumptious slice of cake, stack of pancakes or scoop of ice cream. There’s just one thing missing: the final touch—the perfect topping.

Baldwin Richardson Foods (BRF) makes delicious toppings—both fruited and indulgent—to complement desserts and baked goods in the home or on the road.


  • Real fruit for simple ingredients and marketing claims
  • Kettle-cooked caramels for authentic ingredients made the traditional way
  • Chocolate & fudge sauces for the indulgent flavor profiles your consumers know and love
  • Candy-shell toppings add unique attributes to desserts
  • Icings, layers & drizzles for post bake applications to add visual appeal
  • Variable piece-size integrity (e.g. relish, chutneys) for an optimal textural experience
  • Freeze-thaw & shelf-stable that deliver fresh and real flavors
  • Clean Label and Non-GMO (Non-GMO Project Certification) for formulations that align with today’s consumer trends


  • Toppings/embellishments for desserts, beverages and baked goods/breakfast pastries
  • Ice cream variegates
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